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What to Expect from Your Deep Draw Stamping Supplier

How a Quality Precision Metal Stamping Supplier Delivers

Flexibility. Ingenuity. Process Management. Safety. Quality Assurance. These words should be on the list of what to expect when you trust your metal stamping work to a reputable supplier. Some of these terms offer tangible scenarios—processes and procedures in place to ensure quality standards are met and safety measures in place. But what happens—and how do you know you can count on your precision metal stamping supplier—when the inevitable happens? Forecasts change due to unforeseen circumstances; print tolerances that are unpredictably imprecise; product requirements that dictate changes in materials sourcing. We’ve all been there and know that any number of variables can impact production deadlines.

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Precision Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping Process: The Elements of Designing a Part

Precision metal stamping is an economical process capable of producing large quantities of precision parts out of sheet or strip metals at high production rates, usually from dedicated tooling. The precision stamping industry produces components and assemblies that are involved in our everyday lives, from electronics to transportation. Your cell phone has tiny stamped metal contact pins to send power and signals throughout your phone. The structural element of the car you drove to work this morning was built from precision metal stamped parts and assemblies.

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Larson Tool & Stamping offers a broad range of precision metal stampings and assemblies capabilities, including: 

  • Forming
  • Stamping
  • Deep drawing
  • Assembly
  • Brazing
  • Painting

We’d love to help solve your difficult design and production challenges by providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Contact us for a quote.

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